An ISO-9001 certified company, Para-Chem has served a multitude of industries world wide.  We have manufactured and marketed  emulsion polymers, specialty coatings, graphic arts, specialty chemicals and adhesives to a broad range of industries for nearly 50 years. 

While capable of producing large volumes, we excel in developing unique solutions for customers, enhancing their ability to succeed in today's globally-competitive marketplace.  

What sets Para-Chem apart from the competition is our ability to cater to your company’s specific needs. We work closely with our customers to provide custom formulations that meet their special requirements. 

Our policy of hands-on service takes Para-Chem technicians directly to the customer, whether the need is to check an initial production run, survey existing equipment layouts, or assist in designing efficient methods.  It's this kind of one-to-one attention that has created and continues to build lasting business relationships.





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