Emulsion Polymers

Para-Chem emulsion polymers - including acrylics, vinyl acrylics, styrene acrylics, pyropoly and titan series, and thickeners - enhance vital performance characteristics for products in many different industries.  We design polymers to supply any number of qualities to our customers' products:

  • Add strength and durability
  • Resist water and solvents
  • Add firmness or softness
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase dimensional stability

Our revolutionary AC-2000 series acrylic polymers, for example, are inherently fire retardant and environmentally safe.  Heralding a new era in acrylic technology, the AC-2000 series is available in several formulations to improve performance characteristics and reduce the need for added flame retardant chemicals.

Para-Chem's versatile thickeners - aqueous polymer solutions, sodium polyacrylates - are designed to serve a number of purposes, affording the user a broad selection and extensive flexibility.  We are the leading supplier of thickeners to the carpet industry, and through our patent-pending technology, Para-Chem continues to set performance, environmental, and safety standards.


Product Overview


Vinyl Acrylic

Styrene Acrylic

Pyropoly Series

Titan Series


Specialty Emulsions

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