Para-Chem was founded on the principles of simple, straightforward integrity, and on being responsive - and responsible - to our customers.  We excel in developing unique solutions that enhance our customers' ability to succeed in the global marketplace.  Our mission, in short, is quality.  We use the word to describe not only the products we make, but the methods used to make them.

A vital aspect of our commitment is advanced research.  Para-Chem's unparalleled R&D Center and plant laboratories are sites of vigorous, unceasing discovery.  we challenge the brilliant minds of our research staff and provide ongoing education and training for our employees.

Environmental concerns are at the top of our agenda.  A deep respect for the earth's sensitive ecologies is central to Para-Chem's future.  We endeavor not only to make our products safe for customers and end-users, but to ensure a safe environment within our operations and the communities in which we live.

Offering superior service is of paramount importance to us.  We have the necessary stability, strength, and strategic locations to provide it.  We have the transportation systems in place, including our own tanks, trucks, and a private rail siding at our main facility.  We're established on the Worldwide Web and are able to engage in e-commerce with our customers. At Para-Chem, service is supreme.

What sets Para-Chem apart from the competition is our ability to cater to your company's specific needs.  We work closely with our customers to provide custom formulations that meet and exceed their special requirements.

Let Para-Chem's size and flexibility work to your advantage.  Developing lasting relationships built on your satisfaction is what we're all about.


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